SEMA 2012 Volkswagen Beetles – Beetle Bash


With the launch of the latest Beetle, VW created an edgier design, less cuddly than before and one that’s been attracting more aftermarket interest. So VW of America planned to unleash some modified Bugs at the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas last November, encouraging a number of tuners to have a go.

Without hesitation, VW tuning shops across the nation accepted the challenge to work on the iconic vehicle. These included fifteen52, FMS Automotive, Galpin Auto Sports, Rotiform, VW Vortex and even european car Magazine. We all put the Beetle under the knife in the hope of changing people’s perception about the formerly “”cute”” car.
01 SEMA 2012 volkswagen beetles beetle bash Photo 2/21 | Location: Thanks to Irwindale Event Center for the use of the oval track for our photography (

Once the projects were completed we all headed to the 2012 SEMA Show to distribute the cars among the two million square-foot of trade show space. The desired effect was achieved; the cars winning the respect and admiration of visitors, with VWVortex taking home one of the show’s top honors: the PlayStation Gran Turismo – Best European award.

Yet with the cars widely dispersed, we thought it would be fun to gather them into one space and review everybody’s hard work. Our own Surf Bug was featured last month (EC 4/13), so we’ll brush over it here somewhat, and sadly the Vortex car was receiving work on the East Coast and unavailable for the shoot.

That said, if you’re looking for inspiration for a Beetle project car, we’ve got a pretty diverse bunch for you to enjoy, whether you’re looking for show, go or both.


We’ve all done it. We buy our significant other a vehicle, swearing we won’t touch it. But as time passes, you wait for the other half to get over the honeymoon period with the car and swoop in, just adding a set of wheels. Then you just add an intake and exhaust. Finally, you decide to just add air suspension and gut the interior, sending the car for bodywork and paint plus a rare imported body kit. Like we said, we’ve all done it…
02 SEMA 2012 volkswagen beetles fifteen52 beetle Photo 3/21 | SEMA 2012 Volkswagen Beetles – Beetle Bash

For Jay Johnston, his girlfriend’s Beetle was meant to be hers – after all, she picked it out at the dealership. But after a few months behind the wheel, Jay had a conversation with Matt Crooke at fifteen52 – specialists in wheel design and custom vehicle builds – and couldn’t help himself. He gave his girlfriend a few months with the car and then began the build process for its debut at SEMA.

First up was the baseball-glove interior. Operating from a home workshop, a local interior guru (simply known as Adrian) helped Jay realize his vision for a stunning interior inspired by the original Audi TT.

After several long nights with Matt, the Air Lift air suspension with AutoPilot v2 management was installed, allowing the car to sit very, very low. And since Matt and Jay go back 15 years, they devised a plan to develop unique wheels for the car – producing a show-stopping set of 20″” Tarmac TR three-piece wheels with brushed aluminum centers framed with polished lips. Needless to say, the new wheels took home the top prizes at SEMA for Best Wheels from
04 SEMA 2012 volkswagen beetles fifteen52 tarmac TR_wheel Photo 4/21 | SEMA 2012 Volkswagen Beetles – Beetle Bash

Making the Most of the Autumn With Your Lover

Fall is actually a season for lovers, for tenderly caressing the one you happen to be with along with the one you love (hopefully the same person) and also for going on apple-spiced adventures and enjoying the cooling days of September and October before the miserable cold of the Winter devours your very will to live. So if you have someone close and want to go on a lovers quest for romance, here are some tips to enjoying a great Autumn using the girl or guy of your respective dreams. Hopefully that’s who you’re with. How are you ever going to discover that person, because if you’re wasting time not being with someone who you think of the male or female of your dreams? You’re squandering your very life away and it’s the only person you got.

Weekend Journey to the Mountains


No matter where you live in this great country, there may be likely a mountainous romantic retreat within driving distance that you and the lover may go to. Mountains are for lovers. So go to and go shopping for a new car that you can carry out this lover’s retreat. That’s a great way to ensure it is more special, in a brand new car. Oh you’re thinking you can’t afford a new car? Well seriously? Can you start creating excuses that explains why you should continue on living an existence so mundane and boring? Live a little. Improve to the plate and hit that home run? Check prices here, you won’t be whining a whole lot when you see how affordable a new car is: They take your lover up to a mountain post-haste.

Create a Home Movie


You and lover should dress in costumes and create a fun home movie with your iPhone. A lovers’ movie is the best type of movie. Don’t make it rated X, but don’t make it merely rated R either. Allow it to be just uncomfortable enough that you simply wouldn’t show your parents. However, you can invite your friends over for a screening after it’s done and then you should film your friends watching your NC-17 film. It’ll be a hilarious and meta way of possessing a great Fall activity, both during the romantic shooting in the film, and the hilarious revealing of the film to your amigos.

Hit up Every Apple Orchard Ever


Women love to go apple picking. Men don’t mind getting apples on the grocery store – after all somebody else has gone through all the trouble of picking them already, why would we pay more to visit do something that others already have done. But that’s a problem for another article. Since women love to pick apples we men will need to go with them. So might too do it in the man’s way, make it competitive and try to head to as many apple orchards as you can and compare which ones would be best. Create a spreadsheet and a whole bunch of criteria upon which to judge the orchards.

Top 5 Porsche 911 Features


To honor the 50th Anniversary of the Porsche 911, one of the most iconic sports cars worldwide, we dug into our vast archives and unearthed five of the most popular online Porsche features seen throughout the years of european car magazine. Some rare, others race and and all worth drooling over, the pedigree of Porsches seen here is top tier. leave and Enjoy us comments and linksIt’s a relatively small shop with a relatively new name in the business, but Betim Berisha and Joey Seely are making big waves in more than just this beach community. A commitment to customer, performance and detail satisfaction is winning a loyal following and they’re attracting major attention.

With the level of power and grip’It’s far too fast for this road.’ Evosport is renowned for its tuning work on BMW and AMG models, but that hasn’t stopped them working on Porsches as well. Prior to this evo3-900 conversion, the company created the evo3-750 and evo3-850, with the final three digits indicating overall engine output.

Under daily driving conditions, the car slides on a wave of torque but you don’t sense the turbos spooling until you dip deeper into the throttle. The sleeping giants are nudged awake, and while a stock Turbo is more responsive down low, probably getting the jump on this evo3 off the line, it would be no match for what happens when the GT30s start spinning.”, as the revs rise”If customers ask why our numbers are slightly smaller than those claimed by our rivals, Telling the truth about power output is very important for us, even. We spend a lot of time explaining to would-be clients that our numbers are real and reproducibletighter and more high-strung. It moans more than roars.

Full article: Country Club Racer

2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class


The 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class doesn’t just represent a mid-cycle facelift, it’s taken the luxury sedan a rung higher on the automotive ladder. As well as a new face and slightly revised tail, the 2014 E offers cutting-edge safety features scheduled for the next generation of S-Class.

Dual cameras positioned near the rearview mirror work in harmony with radar and sound sensors to create a multi-dimensional image of what’s going on around the car in a 360? sweep. It can measure the speed and direction of moving objects while assessing the potential risks. The central “”””brain”””” can then apply the brakes or steering to avoid accidents; or mitigate them, at least.
2014 mercedes benz e class passenger side front view Photo 2/4 | 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

This technology is used on items like Active Lane Keeping, that can gently brake the wheels on one side of the car to return you to your lane if oncoming traffic is sensed: doing so by moving the steering would apparently spook the driver too much. And there’s the option of full parking assistance that only requires you to identify a space and select gears.

The captain of a nuclear submarine would love this kind of technology. And the great thing is, it never gets drowsy or distracted. In fact, the E-Class can also keep the driver alert with its improved Attention Assist that now works across a wider speed range, with its sensitivity adjusted by the user.

For the US market, the 2014 E-Class will be offered either in Luxury or Sport trim, although the range and permutations allow an almost made-to-measure car.

Luxury brings a traditional grille and hood ornament; Sport puts a large three-pointed star in the center of the grille.

How Your Car Priorities Change After Becoming a Mom

Once you’re a Mom there actually is no way back. Little do most women realize about the major changes that they can are heading blindly and faithfully towards since their bumps grow and they eventually head off and away to the maternity unit doubled up with the anguish of contractions and dizzy with heady expectations of methods great life will be.

Motherhood changes women in several different ways and we’re not only talking about body shape and diet. Their priorities change in a wide variety of ways, some obvious among others which type of sneak in when you’re not looking.


Let’s, for the minute, look into the changes which are made in the cars they drive. Although there are many exceptions to the rule, many women get attached to their first car and are very happy to stick together while other regions of their lives are going through rapid changes – most prominently jobs and boyfriends. Nevertheless this changes right after the first signs of morning sickness appear.

Before – An auto has got to become sporty and . . . well, impractical is good too.


After – Safety features take control of from the impracticality and are it is important to take into account. Moms are, after all, renowned as being wonderfully over-protective of their little bundles.

Before – Bling it up, the brighter the higher with blinking lights and those wonderful furry dice, not forgetting fluffy seat covers.

After – Things go type of . . . .beige. We’re talking exteriors and interiors, instead of blood red and diamante air fresheners a type of practical banality sets in, there’s no explaining it but it really does happen, just think about your friends.

The greater number of speed the higher, before – Speed was of the utmost importance.

After – Speed takes a back seat instead of cup holders . . . you can never have sufficient cup holders when you’re a Mom.

Before – Your car was cluttered up to the heavens with makeup and star bucks coffee cups – girly trash so to speak.

After – The garbage will find a significant change. It will soon comprise of mostly French-fried potatoes, odd socks and half chewed sticky things which cannot be recognized.

With a little bit of fuel efficiency thrown set for good measure, before – Compact was rather warm and cozy.


After – What you need is now space . . . space and more space. Okay, so this person may begin off incredibly tiny but it’s amazing how much space he needs.

Before – A glove box filled with rock anthems and driving classics to blast out into the night air whilst keeping you awake on those long drives home.

After – A few lullabies to experience at a level which is hardly audible for the human ear but has a tendency to work wonders when driving around in the car is the only possible way of getting this child to sleep. “The wheels around the bus . . . . ” anybody?

Are you currently getting the picture? I’m sure that every Mom will have her version of methods things changed from the “before” childbirth towards the reality which can be parenthood.

So, if you are finding yourself undergoing this change don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal and at they’ve got a great selection of cars for sale which can help you to make your transition smoothly and painlessly. Why not check out but, in case you were wondering . . . beige is not compulsory at all.

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG – First Drive


The CLA45 is definitely the next big thing going to the US market. And while it will probably be the first four-cylinder in AMG’s line-up, make no mistake about it: this compact sports sedan means business.

Although traditionally associated with V8 or V12 engines, AMG redesigned the 2.-liter turbo motor for this application. Based upon an existing Mercedes production engine, the AMG version has a sand-cast aluminum cylinder block with forged internals to handle the 322 lb-ft of twist available from 2250-5000rpm (boost arrives around 3000rpm in the lower gears).

In order to produce 355hp at 6000rpm, the engine also has staged direct injection, air-to-water intercooling, a big 3″””” exhaust, twin-scroll turbo, and a redesigned cylinder head pressurized to 26psi. So, not only does the CLA45 beat every four-cylinder on the planet; but the hand-built engine also claims the best specific output with an astounding 178hp/liter. And yes itSo, anew and lighter, standard 4Matic system kicks the rear wheels into play via a Power Takeoff Unit (PTU) from the rear diff. An integrated clutch electronically engages whenever it detects front-wheel slip, high lateral g, an aggressive steering angle, high vehicle speed, or specific throttle positions.

As a result, not only do you will get improved fuel economy, but torque-steer is undetectable. When pushed, the vehicle handles and accelerates such as an AWD, without the extreme understeer of brands that use a 50/50 torque split.

As a result, AMG claims -60mph in 4.5sec, because of launch control, a close-ratio seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, and a feathery (by today’s standards) 3380 lb curb weight.

Although this might sound too good to be real, we were fortunate enough to experience the CLA45 AMG (as well as the European A45 AMG hatchback that’s not coming to the usa) at the newest Bilster Berg racetrack in Paderborn, Germany. And we’re proud to have been the first toconsider it that? ) can be a 19-turn, 2.6-mile course devised by F1 track designer, Hermann Tilke, and took seven years to develop. It features two straights, elevation changes, with both low- and high-speed corners. The configuration pounds a car’s engine, brakes and suspension, that was a great test for any high-end car as well as a bold move by AMG.

On track, the CLA45 rocks. The only limiting factor was the driver along with the tires, with the latter overheating after a few hot laps. When you got too aggressive, fortunately, the car remained stable but the ESP Dynamic Assist took over.

When you start to lose front traction when tracking-out, the rear tires receive more torque to propel you back into line. It may possibly not be the visceral experience some purists desire, but it’s certainly fast.

The four-cylinder has the midrange flexibility of the 5. V8, and the exhaust note delivers a deep roar when the automatic flap opens.

2014 mercedes benz CLA45 AMG turbo AMG

2014 mercedes benz CLA45 AMG carbon fiber lip spoiler

2014 mercedes benz CLA45 AMG slotted brake rotors

The transmission also emits an audible engagement with every up-shift that’s impossible to disregard – a characteristic in the AMG SLS GT, it’s awesome.

Suspension-wise, the CLA45 AMG has multi-link front and back axles. The top uses stiffer steering knuckles for high camber stability, better turn-in precision and high-speed cornering stability. Even though the four-link rear axle is very new.

Needless to say, an AMG vehicle needs sporty styling, and while the exterior borrows through the successful CLS55 AMG, the interior features sport seats wrapped with Artico man-made leather and Dinamica fibers with red stitching. AMG even offers optional carbon fiber trim.

Overall, the cockpit combines style and luxury with good ergonomics. On entry you immediately notice the aggressive lateral support from the Recaro seats. You won’t look at it much, though perhaps the only quirkiness was the funky transmission lever.Basically we personally much like the CLA45 aesthetic, we’d want to see more tire width and rear fender flare. From the rear, the 235-section tires don’t give the look of an autobahn sled. Also increase the overall performance – something the aftermarket will certainly offer?, although going up a couple of rim sizes would not just improve the look?

AMG has a 19″””” wheel option as well as carbon fiber spoilers and black exterior trim to give customers sporting options at the purpose of sale, however.

With the creation of the CLA45 AMG, it’s time for the competition to sit down up and take notice. This is the first time Mercedes has entered the premium compact sports sedan market with such an aggressive package that will undoubtedly win new followers from BMW and Audi, as well as the Asian brands that can’t match Mercedes-Benz heritage.

We predict you’ll be seeing the vast majority of CLA45 and CLA250 AMG on the road when it arrives in the US this November.

2014 mercedes benz CLA45 AMG navigation steering controls

2014 mercedes benz CLA45 AMG shift mechanism

2014 mercedes benz CLA45 AMG interior

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG

Layout Transverse, front-mounted engine

Engine 1991cc inline-DOHC, 16v, 4, turbocharged and intercooled, direct injection, twin-scroll turbo, 26.1psi

Drivetrain AMG Speedshift DCT seven-speed transmission, 4Matic all-wheel drive

Suspension McPherson axle f, four-link axle r, both with coil springs, gas shock absorbers, anti-roll bars

Brakes 13.8″””” cross-drilled rotors, four-piston calipers f, 13″”””, two-piston r

Wheels & Tires 18×8″”””, 235/40 R18 Dunlop Sportmaxx (optional 19×8″”””, 235/35 R19 Dunlop Sportmaxx)

MSRP $48375


Power 355hp at 6000rpm

Torque 332 lb-ft at 2250-5000rpm

-60mph 4.5sec

Top Speed 155mph (limited)

Weight 3380 lb

Economy TBD

2003 Nissan 350Z Track – The One


Once you get bit by the tuner bug, it often turns into a full-blown case of Tuneritis, which in severe cases results in a vacant bank account plus a garage filled with project cars. To outside observers, in particular those lacking the all-important gearhead chromosome, this may seem like a kind of dementia. But for unapologetic tuner addicts like Steve Devers, it’s a lifestyle he couldn’t escape even if he wanted to (and he doesn’t).

This Garden State native somehow managed to skip the IROC-Z stage of puberty that inflicts a great number of his fellow New Jerseyites, instead getting his begin in 2001 by spinning wrenches on a Honda CRX when he was just 16. Before he knew it, he’d built six different CRXs before graduating to Integras after which an IS300, a couple of GS300s, and a few G35 coupes. Up to now, Steve’s built and sold more than 40 project cars of his very own and has helped customers and friends build a lot more, all without usingThe One

I’ve always focused on building cars that are clean and classy, basically the way i felt they should have come from dealership, as Steve explains. After someone approached me about my first offered and build me more income than expected, building cars became a lifestyle for me. I work on cars every single day. I’m basically a mobile car modification and performance store. Instead of local auto shops, mainly because they can trust me and i also deal with all their car needs, i have tons of customers and friends who come to me. I find that audio is the last thing that motivates me.””, although i’m a qualified master audio installer part time””

He picked up this Track model ’03 Daytona Blue Nissan 350Z three years ago, drawn to its Brembo brakes, black interior, and six-speed manual transmission. I knew it was going to become a special build, one I may even keep for myself, now three years later and with plenty of modifications, it has become exactly what I envisioned or even better.””, as Steve puts it””

2003 nissan 350Z track carbon fiber dash kit

2003 nissan 350Z track takata harnesses and shoulder pads

2003 nissan 350Z track AEM boost and wide band AFR gauges

As you’d expect, Steve made virtually all the modifications to this particular Z along with his own two hands. The largest challenge when building the Z would need to be its stance, especially since this has become such an overwhelming trend within the United states and around the world. A project car isn’t done these days until it’s sitting perfect. Some get carried away and overdo things, thinking more is better, but that takes away from the performance of any vehicle, especially one just like the 350Z. Basically my goal was to ensure that is stays classy and gratification orientated yet still proper inside the stance game.

To achieve his goals, Steve runs two different suspension setups. To the track, he bolts up a set of D2 coilovers to travel along with SPC camber-adjustable control arms and Cusco sway bars. For show season, he swaps on a Universal Air setup with full ride height management via an onboard 3-gallon air tank. Completing the road sweeper look is a staggered set of 19-inch Magnesium Blue Volk Racing CE28N wheels, spaced to a ultra-aggressive -3 offset up front and -8 offset out back.

To offer you an idea of how detail-oriented Steve is when he builds a car, instead of just obtaining the Nismo V2 front bumper and Vertex side skirts paint-matched, he had his buddy Brian apply a fresh coat of Daytona Blue to the entire car, then wet-sanding and polishing to completely make it pop. There are large amount of other nice touches for the exterior package, too, including an ’08 headlight upgrade, Seibon carbon hood, and carbon Z emblems, as well as a Top Secret carbon rear diffuser. With aNormally The One

Far from the next slammed Z, this keeper of a Nissan has been given a serious upgrade in the power department, too, with a Vortech V2 supercharger kit. Other than the paintwork by his buddy Brian, the only other part of the build Steve didn’t handle himself was tuning the ECU to handle the added boost pressure. For this he turned to RT Tuning, which dialed in revised fuel and ignition maps using Uprev’s Osiris reflashing system. The end result is definitely an impressive 424 ponies at the rear wheels-more than sufficient jam to silence the it’s merely a show car critics.

Steve’s applied his appealing model of show-and-go tuning to the interior of his Z at the same time, the go part handled nicely by a pair of Evo Limited Edition Recaro sports seats along with Takata harnesses mounted to a Sparco harness bar. The Personal controls and NRG QR hub also put in a high-performance look and feel. For some added bling, he’s painted the back panels Daytona Blue, and there’s also a carbon-fiber dash kit into position along with Nismo floor mats and a titanium shift knob.

According to Steve, The Z is a blast to drive, and it gets compliments everywhere I take it. I’ve kept the exhaust quiet in order to hear the bypass valve while shifting, and it sounds amazing. Not that he’s finished building it. In fact, as soon as you read this, you can be certain something’s changed with this Z33, with future plans including a built motor and a twin turbo setup (though he has no complaints regarding the power and reliability of the Vortech kit). You also shouldn’t be surprised if he’s moved on with an M3 or GTR, both projects he’s been considering for a while. Like we said, it’s a lifestyle for Steve, and he couldn’t stop building if he wanted to (and that herad and underpanel cap; JDM polished engine cover

Engine Management Uprev Osiris reflash by RT Tuning

2003 nissan 350z track vortech v2 polished supercharger kit

2003 nissan 350z track kinetix SSV intake manifold

2003 nissan 350z track 3 5L VQ35DE V6 engine

Drivetrain ACT Stage 3 clutch kit

Wheels, Tires & Brakes 19×9.5 (f) and 19×10.5 (r) 12 offset Volk Racing CE28N wheels; 225/35R19 (f) and 245/35R19 (r) Nitto Extreme 555 tires; Brembo Gold BBK and cross-slotted and drilled rotors

Suspension D2 Sport coilovers (track); Universal Air w/ full management and three-gallon tank (show); SPC control arms (f/r); Cusco sway bars (f/r) and strut bar (f)

Exterior Fresh Daytona Blue paint ’08 headlights; custom shaved Nismo V2 front bumper; Vertex side skirts; Top Secret CF rear diffuser; custom rear splash guards; Seibon ’08 CF hood; tinted glass; rear wiper delete; Show & Go plate; CF Z emblems

Interior Evo Limited Edition Recaro sport seats; Takata harnesses and shoulder pads; Sparco harness bar; CF dash kit; Nismo shift floor and knob mats; AEM boost and wide-band AFR gauges; Personal steering wheel; NRG QR hub; Pioneer double din head unit; rear panels painted Daytona Blue

Numbers 424 whp and 343 wtq w/ 3.12 pulley

The Problems With Drinking Alcohol and Driving a Car

Everybody knows that it is dangerous, downright and illegal stupid to drive when you have been alcohol consumption, but do you really know reasons why? The fact is that a somewhat small amount of alcohol can have a significant difference in your driving ability and some drivers don’t even need to drink a lot more than the legal requirements in order for the effects to take place.


Alcohol affects your driving ability in a number of different ways . . . read on and learn more . . .

The capability to Concentrate and Multi Task

When you are driving you need to have your wits about yourself and concentrate on a variety of different things. You’ve have got to steer the automobile while keeping an eye out for pedestrians, other, animals and cyclists potential obstacles. It is essential that you can focus and concentrate on more than one task at a time. Unfortunately after consuming alcohol this ability will be seriously impaired, consequently you could easily miss something important which can be happening surrounding you and can lead to an accident.

Alcohol Causes Vision Impairment

Whenever you drink alcohol it reduces your ability to find out things clearly, another vital aspect of safe driving, particularly when it is dark. You have to have good, clear vision to judge the position and speeds of other vehicles, you can even need to keep shifting your gaze and refocusing on changing objects quickly . . . this is also more difficult once you have been alcohol consumption.


Alcohol Causes Reduced Reaction Times

Your reaction times are severely affected after drinking alcohol . . . it is now time between noticing some sort of hazard or object and reacting to it. This is one of the major reasons for accidents when alcohol is involved. After drinking alcohol your ability to assess a situation is severely impaired, it is harder to make quick decisions . . . the correct quick decisions that is. When you are confronted using a hazardous situation this can be extremely dangerous.

Alcohol Impairs Perception

The way you read situations is likewise severely impaired when you have been drinking alcohol. In plain terms it affects the ability to perceive certain hazards as to assess those situations correctly. In the event you fail to notice these dangerous situations, or actually perceive them as potentially dangerous this can also lead to accidents.

Alcohol Impairs The capability to Track

Tracking is all about keeping your own vehicle in the right lane . . . which is the reason people who have been drinking alcohol may veer across all lanes of the highway. It is extremely dangerous to keep drifting from your own lane, especially in difficult driving conditions. Rain, high winds, snow and ice can all be a major contributing factor in both head on collisions and side collisions.


So, if you have been drinking a relatively little bit of alcohol, so now you know exactly why it is dangerous, fool hardy and illegal to drive.

Do yourself a favor. Keep a clear head and take a look at where they’ve got a remarkable selection of both new and used cars for sale. If you wish to take a test drive go along and book one but please, remember about how and why alcohol affects what you can do to drive safely. It’s not only your daily life which is at stake, it is the lives of every individual who is unlucky enough to be in the same portion of the world as you may. Check out the vehicles at

1995 Mazda Miata NA6CE – Intelligent Design


Anyone who spends a good chunk of his life in Detroit is bound to be relying on automotive culture. There’s valid reason that it’s nicknamed the Motor City. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Chris Lee relocated to Michigan when he was 15. Having always enjoyed cars, it was natural for him to pursue a career within the automotive industry. Deciding to utilize his natural artistic talent, he applied at the College for Creative Studies and devoted another four years to perfecting his skills in automotive design. The majority of car enthusiasts who live within driving distance of the city thatChevy and Ford, and Dodge call home would be inclined to adhere to the crowd and have themselves a huge-displacement muscle car. We are sure that you have worked out by now that Chris did the exact opposite. He chose the Mazda Miata-a compact, imported car that may be commonly mocked for its popularity among woman, powered by an engine that has less than 2. liters of displacement and a meager four cylinders! Chris knew, however, that what the roadster lacked in brute force, it a lot more than made up for inresponse and agility, along with its “genetic disposition” to unexpectedly induce smiles. Sadly, the smile-inducing properties only apply to those who are driving the car. In stock form the outside of the Miata may be best described as unexciting and mild. This became clear to Chris when he joined in with other car enthusiasts to be part of the famed Woodward Dream Cruise. He was bombarded with insults and jokes at his beloved Miata’s expense. Also having an aesthetic demeanor that screams business, while it was then that he vowed to build the auto into a force to be reckoned with in the performance department, of course.set out to give the outside an extensive makeover. Makeover might be a bit of an understatement in cases like this. Chris dove head first into what would be the most distinctive section of the car. He enlisted the assistance of his friend, Hideki Takamiya to help him source a collection of Mazdaspeed N2 flares-a very ambitious endeavor since they have been discontinued for years. Chris and Hideki managed to source a set, one of the last two sets that Mazdaspeed had in the storage warehouse! The flares were immediately sent onto the United States. Chris took an angle grinder to his immaculate ’95 R package Miata to cut the quarter-panels and fenders, as soon as they arrived. His friends were quick to point out that this kind of irreversible modification was devastating to the car’s resale value and that he was ill advised by doing this. “Who cares? ” Chris replied. “It’s my car, and I want it to look the way that I want.” With his flares successfully mounted to the car, the next thing was to source a set of wheels that could fill out such large wheelwells in a 4×100-bolt pattern, a mission in itself. After considering many manufacturers and doing extensive research, he decided on Panasport wheels. He found a little shop by his home that was a dealer for Panasport and placed an order for the massive gunmetal and polished rollers to be manufactured in the size which he specified.

Decade ago, Miatas were less popular as they are now. Sourcing parts consisted mainly of experiencing parts sent in from Japan or making them yourself. Chris acknowledged this fact, embraced it, and built one of the most potent Miatas of all time. Long before you might simply open a browser, type in some keywords in the search engines, and choose a pair of coilovers for your personal car, Chris had put together a set of adjustable dampers and springs. For his dampers, he chose to go with Afco, a brand that may be rarely spoken of from your average enthusiast. Afco was chosen with regard to their durability and actual damping adjustment (no, their adjustment knob doesn’t click 32 times) in addition to their use in real race cars. Along with Afco’s extended top hats and Tein springs, they completely revamped the Miata’s already competent cornering abilities. To aid combat any remaining body roll, Flyin’ Miata sway bars were installed. An Auto Power rollcage keeps occupants safe in the matter of an accident in the track as well as adding some rigidity on theis practically impossible to inform now, this car was rear-ended in 2007. The accident damaged all four wheels, and several body panels. Around the same time, Chris was fired from his job. It may have been easier to simply cut his losses and spend his insurance check on an ordinary car that will surely require much less maintenance and get a lot better gas mileage. Chris decided to rebuild his beloved Miata-wider, lower and better than ever before, as you’ve guessed. New wider Panasport wheels were ordered, the flares were repaired and reproduced, along with the damage through the accident was repaired and repainted. The front bumper is a custom piece that Chris created, using the original as a base. Mounted underneath and looking as menacingly as all hell is a Garage Vary front lip spoiler. You may notice the Project-G side skirts mounted on the rocker panels, a subtle addition that adds to the overall look of the car, as your eyes make their way rearward. Soon after, Chris was working for Saleen designing and driving their prototype cars for roughly a year, work that he says was just as fun mainly because it sounds. This brings us to one of the most interesting exterior pieces of this car, the back diffuser. Mounted to the frame and sitting within a cut factory bumper is the beautiful piece of dry carbon “borrowed” from a Saleen S7. It’s not every day you see a Japanese sports compact car built using parts made forIf you are fortunate to ever catch this car with its hood open, one of the primary things that is immediately noticeable is that this car is without a doubt no longer naturally aspirated, The custom turbo setup utilizing a Garret GT23R mounted on a Flyin’ Miata manifold brings output to 230 hp. Chris was wanting to tell us about his custom V-mount intercooler setup, that was made using ADFX parts, quickly pointing out an accurate temperature gauge is definitely an absolute necessity when developing such a contraption. On the fuel side from the equation, a quick Forward dual feed fuel rail feeds RC 550cc injectors, making sure the engine doesn’t lean out. Following combustion, the exhaust gases take a short trip using a custom 3-inch straight pipe before becoming a permanent addition to Los Angeles’s famous smog collection. Although virtually impossible to tell without actually driving the car, the rotational force generated with the engine is transmitted by way of a six-speed gearbox, originally from a much younger ’03 Miata.

Chris, who literally devoted his life’s work to making cars beautiful, now works well with Five Axis design studio. His daily grind contains bringing and designing to life concept cars mainly for Toyota/Lexus/Scion. Currently, he is working on Five Axis’ handle a particular rear-wheel-drive Scion that has been long awaited by automotive enthusiasts around the globe. His design background is plain to discover as soon as you lay your eyes on his personal creation, an incredibly select few individuals in this world could have built such an amazing car. Knowing that somebody like Chris has a hand in designing cars makes new introductions much more exciting as they are unveiled. Oh, as well as the Woodward Dream Cruise, Chris took his Miata in the cruise yet again before moving to California. Although nearly all others getting involved in the cruise who saw his Miata couldn’t tell what they were looking at, he got only thumbs pointed up and well-deserved nods of appreciation

1982 Ford Granada – Zero F@Cks Given


You’re probably asking yourself why this bloody Ford Granada is featured in Super Street, much less our Euro Flavor section. While the blue oval typically echoes American muscle and large pickup trucks, it’s a completely different animal in Europe with a huge enthusiast following, particularly retro Fords. You should check out shows and races throughout the UK and Scandinavia and find a large number of tastefully modified Capris, Cortinas, Escorts, Focus and Granadas. So to give you a small taste of what you’re missing, we found this ’82 Granada in Norway. In all honesty, it’s one of several sickest cars to grace our mag featuring some high-end Euro parts similar to a V8 engine based on the Koenigsegg and Porsche/Mercedes brakes. We might literally spend the entire book going into every little detail about the Granada but because of page constraints and your ADD, we’re likely to highlight the coolest bits here.

The Granada was bone stock, before owner and builder Joel Olsen, endeavored on the 17-year journey that would wind up being more epic than Frodo’s journey through Middle Earth. The project’s first stage was a ‘measly’ 600hp Cosworth-built track car capable of 200mph. Joel was hungry for more, although it would be enough power for mere mortals like us. So, he moved to the twin-turbo 4.7-liter V8 seen here. This particular V8 block is same block used in the Koenigsegg CCR and CC8. And also for extra bragging rights, exactly the sameFrom that point, we can’t imagine the hours, months, days and years it took Joel to perfect every element of his engine setup. He fabricated everything from scratch such as the turbo and intake manifolds, plumbing, air conditioning, firewall, floors and exhaust. The engine itself features some of the best parts around such as the 300M steel rods-not even available over the counter. The pinnacle is pretty trick as well using beryllium-copper valves seats that remove heat from the valves. The two turbochargers are from Comp Turbos, as for boost. Each are prepared for 1100hp and have its own individual oil supply.

Now let’s talk power… After years of testing and fine-tuning, the ridiculous Koenigsegg-based engine put down 1300hp on pump gas using a linear torque curve that peaks at 896 lb-ft. Joel tells us the motor can rev to 9600rpm but he’s set the limiter to 8500rpm because it’s already eff’n bananas. And if you’re wondering about how much more power this motor can make, the current setup is more than capable of breaking the 2000hp mark but will need to be connected to an engine dyno. Accomplishes this Granada have your respect now?

The drivetrain and chassis had to be equally as buff, that you can guess. Joel sourced a six-speed Liberty tranny, which is common with drag racers. Before installed, it had been rebuilt with modified gears and a custom relief valve on the clutch release bearing to give Joel easier drivability and a more quicker and positive gear change.For the chassis, Joel’s stipulation was that he didn’t want a tubular space frame car but keep the original structure and suspension mounting points. So a rollcage helped tighten up the chassis. Next, Joel determined the front suspension out of a GT40 and rear from a Mustang Cobra R would give him the ideal handling and balance possible. He fabbed within the additional arms, sway bars and alignment tools to fine-tune his suspension competitively for the track.

The madness continues to the brakes where Joel retrofitted parts from the, Mercedes and Porsche Mustang. After determining the weight of the car and position of your brakes, a Tilton pedal box and master cylinder were built to the car’s spec.

Maybe the least modified part may be the exterior. Joel wanted to maintain the styling near to its original design. So, you’ll only notice an RS body kit, billet wheels, carbon spoiler and motorized hood vents-they actually open when the fan turns on!

Many people wouldn’t say ‘oh shit! Take a good look and you’ll notice the 335-series tires out back, then open the hood and it’s game over, though ’ to some boring old Granada similar to this. While we couldn’t cover every part of the try, understand and build the amount of work that went into this project. After 17 many years of hard work, Joel’s 1300 hp Ford is undoubtedly one of the most extreme in-depth home-built project cars on earth.